Zoo Fast Mini Golf Cart

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  • D-K-2

Golf cart is also known as electric golf cart, high golf cart is designed and developed for the golf course environmental protection vehicle. It can also be used in resorts, villa areas, garden hotels, tourist attractions and other places. The vehicle has excellent performance, novel appearance design, comfortable and safe ride, from the golf course, villa, hotel, school to private users, will be your most convenient short distance transportation球车-中国制造版_01球车-中国制造版_02球车-中国制造版_03球车-中国制造版_04球车-中国制造版_05球车-中国制造版_08球车-中国制造版_06球车-中国制造版_07球车-中国制造版_09球车-中国制造版_10球车-中国制造版_11球车-中国制造版_12

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