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All Terrain Longest Range 6 Seat Electric Golf Cart

Golf cart is also known as electric golf cart, high golf cart is designed and developed for the golf course environmental protection vehicle. It can also be used in resorts, villa areas, garden hotels, tourist attractions and other places. The vehicle has excellent performance, novel appearance design, comfortable and safe ride, from the golf course, villa, hotel, school to private users, will be your most convenient short distance transportation
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  • B-K-6

Electric golf tour car:Advantages: Product combination of modern industrial modular ideas, advanced technology, practical and durable, vehicle structure scientific and reasonable.  The production process is meticulous, the appearance is fashionable and beautiful;Performance: Flexible operation, strong climbing ability, downhill automatic electric brake performance, safe and reliable.  Energy saving, environmental protection and pollution-free.  Safe, reliable and noiseless, available in a variety of colors. Configuration: Using the current international advanced electronic control system, computer programming to control the data, scientific and accurate.  Integral chassis, high quality steel frame structure, integral electrophoretic anti-rust treatment, strong and durable.  Independent suspension damping system.


Electrical System

Controller 48V
Battery Lead-Acid & Lithium 
Motor 5KW(AC) Mahler motor
Charger On board charger, 48V/25A

Body And
Chassis Configuration
Front Windshield Injection Molding
Roof Plastic suction art & injection molding
Seat Formed anti-skid floor leather
Floor Injection molding of PP for automobile
Body Injection molding
Rearview Mirror Manually adjustable, foldable rearview mirrors left and right
Lighting and Signals LED headlamp : ( low beam , high beam , steering light, clearance lamps )                  
LED tail lamp : ( brake light, position light, steering light )
snail horn, reversing buzzer
Instrument Platform Injection molding instrument, liquid crystal combination instrument, lock switch, single arm combination switch, gear switch, cup seat, 12V power supply
Direction System Bidirectional rack and pinion steering system
Braking Systems 4 wheel disc brake
Parking Electromagnetic parking
Front Suspension System Double-arm independent suspension 
Rear Suspension System Trailing arm 
Tire Size 12/14 inch

Technical Parameter
Contour Dimension(mm) 3850*1200*1850 Vehicle Weight(kg) 610(including batteries)
Passenger Capacity 4 Maximum Capacity In Slope(unloaded) 20%
Maximum Speed(mph) 20 Minimum Turning Radius(M)  <5.2
Driving Range(km) >70 Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 120
Maximum Grade(full load) 15% Braking Distance(M) <6

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